UX Audit

UX Audits provide objective analysis of existing products based on best practices, heuristics and other available data.

The CEO of Applicant Stack provided me with some critical tasks that users should be able to easily complete on his HR management platform. He wanted to know where things got difficult and how to fix it.

I took extensive notes in first person as I attempted the tasks, keeping track of my time and trying to be mindful of a typical user's likely environment. I also measured the site against usability heuristics to give the site an objective grade, again taking detailed notes on each heuristic measure.

My findings were delivered to leadership and development in an executive summary presentation and well as detailed report that recommended a phased set of solutions that they began implementing right away.

  • Cognitive Walkthrough
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Storytelling
  • Client Presentation
  • Phased Recommendations for Improvement
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